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What do you need to know about buying a home projector?

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Time: 2018-04-02
For home projectors, it is necessary to meet the user's needs for film and television effects and operations in order to achieve a higher quality of entertainment in the home. Therefore, the following reference factors can not be ignored when you buy projectors. 
    1 high resolution
Resolution is an important criterion to measure the performance of the projector. The higher the pixel, the clearer the picture will be. For example, the current UHD 4K ultra high-definition picture quality, 4096 × 2160 pixel resolution for us to bring greater visual angle and visual impact, so 4K ultra-high-definition projection mechanism becomes the primary choice for home theater equipment.
    2 viewing effects
Lumens is the main technical indicator of the projector. The higher the parameter value is, the brighter the projection screen is. Even if the lamp is not turned off, you can enjoy the exciting horizon brought by the projection. Similarly, the contrast parameter's level also greatly influences the rendering effect of the projector. Therefore, when choosing a projector, it is recommended to select products with higher brightness and contrast ratio within the budget.
    3 convenient control
Relative to the professional projection environment, home projectors have a limited space to play, so consider the more humane installation and operation design when purchasing. For example, selecting a projection device in which the projection screen can be vertically displaced can greatly increase the flexibility of the installation, allowing us to easily enjoy the large screen and the convenience of five stars.

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