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1080P acceleration and popularity, the era of full HD viewing is taking place

Time: 2018-03-30
Changes in the times, changes in consumer attitudes, fashion, novelty, intelligence, and high technology have become the main needs of the current consumer groups. For the projection industry, in the past two years, the "turf" in the home sector has occupied the industry's "hot search." As a smart product of the projection industry, smart projection is naturally first and foremost sought after by young consumers. So far, smart projection has two specifications, HD 720P and Full HD 1080P. They are divided by the size of the physical resolution. The resolution of 1280×720 is called HD 720P. The resolution of 1920×1080 is called Full HD 1080P. With the market competition, coupled with the user's demand for high-definition, micro-investment products in the market is fully turned to the full HD road, intelligent projection full HD viewing age is slowly opening!

On the other hand, brightness and resolution have always been the two major factors constraining the development of micro-investment. However, when the use of ultra-thin lumens and 1080P full HD, the experience of micro-projection has finally taken a big step forward. In contrast, many people focus on the brightness, not much on the level of resolution, in fact, both have important significance.
With the increasing size of various display devices, the requirements for resolution have become higher and higher. However, today, smart TVs have long popularized 4K. Microprojectors have been stuck at 720P or 800P levels. Can not keep up with the needs of the times. If you are using a large-screen 4K TV, you must choose the 4K-definition source as much as possible so that you can take full advantage of its high resolution and ensure the viewing effect. The advantage of high resolution is for larger-size projections. It will be more obvious.

In addition, the higher resolution of the smart projection means that a finer picture can be obtained with the same size of projection size. At present, most projection products use DLP technology. The resolution of the projection screen is mainly determined by the DMD chip, the core component of the projector imaging system.
For the choice of chips, the same can not ignore the impact of resolution products. The DMD chips used in micro-projection are generally small-sized products, such as 0.2-inch, 0.31-inch, 0.33-inch, 0.45-inch, 0.47-inch, etc. Among them, only two chips supporting 1080P are included. It includes DLP Pico, which was introduced by Texas Instruments in 2015. The 0.47-inch chipset and the DLP Pico 0.33-inch chipset introduced this year.

The popularity of smart projection continues to increase, and its demand in the market continues to increase. More and more users are more demanding on configuration requirements, and 720P and 1080P HD products are more deeply trusted by users. After a period of rapid development in 2017, smart projection has gradually entered the “quality” period of stability. Enterprises have stricter control over product technology and quality. While improving the quality, reduce the cost, let the price of intelligent projection gradually reduce, and increase the popularity of the intelligent projector market.

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